I've been playing with music for most of my life. Most of my experience is in jazz and jazz-derived genres on reed or keyboard instruments. For the past few years, I've mostly played keyboards, but before that I spent a substantial period of time playing and studying the saxophone.

I often experiment with computer music and synthesizer technology, particularly analog and virtual-analog synthesis. I have a large soft spot for vintage keyboards.


  • The Sound of New York Jazz Underground - Awesome and varied two-disc set. Highly recommended.
  • Jason Lindner - Extremely creative composer and pianist in the New York scene.
  • Avishai Cohen - Isreali Bassist, Composer, and much more. Beautiful earthy organic music.
  • Hiromi - Virtuosic young pianist. Jazz influenced rocky-fusion-electronic stuff.
  • Dave Holland - Bass and Compositional virtuoso. Some of the best big-band writing of the last decade.
  • Jean-Michel Pilc - French pianist with a very distinct style and a great sense of humor in his playing.
  • Jason Moran - Creative and cerebral modern pianist with a distinctive sound and presence.
  • The Bad Plus - One of the foremost piano trios of the 2000s. Wild and uninhibited.
  • Chris Potter - Saxophone virtuoso. Among the greatest alive.
  • Keith Jarrett - Piano virtuoso.